How to solve the problem of duplicate tracks in Clementine Audio Player

Posted by Puffino on December 3, 2018

What? Duplicates in your Clementine-library, but not on disc?

It happens from time to time: the fantastic audio player Clementine seems to make a mistake, and shows all the tracks of a certain album twice. There is even people who witnessed their entire library occurring two times. 

Front 242 Clementine.jpg

When reading the comments on the internet, one thing is always clear: rebuild your library and it will be all solved. But, hey, that can't be true. That feels like "pull out the main supply and reconnect". Nah, no good. Especially of you just see this appear for one or a few albums: read on.

The underlying problem is usually caused by file- or foldernames that get changed, but are not well tracked into the Clementine database. The most nasty change you can do to Clementine is to change the capitalisation. The Clementine software does not see any difference in the track named "01-Track1.mp3" versus "01-track1.mp3". But, your operating system can. If you happen to make this kind of changes: Clementine will get confused and store both different tracks in it's database, but cannot show you the difference.

You can have a check on this issue by taking a look at the filename in the Summary-tab of the "edit track information..." submenu.

Solution, the easy way

Just have these particular tracks being re-scanned explicitely, by temporarily changing the name of the folder these files are stored in, to something completely different (which you can best do via your file browser). After this, in Clementine, choose "update changed library folders". Then change the name of the folder to what you want it to be, and have Clementine update the changed folders again.

I will eat my shoes if this does not solve the problem in your case.